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What we know and don't know about mental health problems among immigrants in Norway

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health - Journal Article

Mental health problems have been regarded as one of the main public health challenges of immigrants in several countries. Understanding and generating research-based knowledge on immigrant health problems is highly relevant for planning preventive interve...

Forfattere: D. S. Abebe, L. Lien, K. H. Hjelde
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What is the Impact of Placement Type on Educational and Health Outcomes of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors? A Systematic Review of the Evidence

Clinical child and family psychology review - Journal Article

Record numbers of unaccompanied refugee minors have been arriving in high-income countries since 2015. Child welfare agencies and non-governmental organisations tasked with providing services have struggled to cope with demands on their services as a resu...

Forfattere: A. O'Higgins, E. M. Ott, M. W. Shea
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Webinar: På flukt fra krigen i Ukraina, hvordan kan vi hjelpe flyktningene i Norge?


Del I: KunnskapsoppdateringeneVoksne og eldre flyktninger fra Ukraina: Psykososiale konsekvenser, behov og tiltak den første tiden i Norge, v/ Marianne Opaas, Forsker II, NKVTSEnslige mindreårige asylsøkere: Kartlegging av traumeerfaringer og psykisk hels...

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Vulnerabilities of Arab refugees in primary health care: a scoping review

Revista de saude publica - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: To map and analyze the vulnerabilities of Arab refugees in the context of primary health care. METHOD: Scoping review in which studies published in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages from 2011 onwards were reviewed. The following databas...

Forfattere: L. P. Lima Junior, K. C. O. Lima, M. R. Bertolozzi, F. O. S. França
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Voldsutsatte minoritetskvinners rettssikkerhet i Norge

Tidsskrift for familierett, arverett og barnevernrettslige spørsmål (trykt utg.) - Journal Article

Utlending som søker om oppholdstillatelse i Norge på bakgrunn av familiegjenforening og/eller familieetablering med ektefelle eller samboer, må etter dagens regelverk bo sammen med ektefelle eller samboer i tre år for å få permanent oppholdstillatelse, jf...

Forfattere: Fredrikke Fjellberg Moldenæs
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Violence Exposure and Mental Health Among Resettled Refugees: A Systematic Review

Trauma, violence & abuse - Journal Article

Refugee populations are often characterized by their high exposure to violence, which are tied to various challenges upon resettlement. This systematic review synthesizes the empirical literature related to violence exposure for refugees resettled in high...

Forfattere: A. A. J. Scoglio, C. Salhi
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Utilization of mobile mental health services among syrian refugees and other vulnerable arab populations—a systematic review

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - Journal Article

The global refugee crisis is at its most critical state in history; Syria alone has produced 12 million internally displaced persons, with another 5 million refugees seeking protection across the globe. Faced with the heavy burden of mental distress carri...

Forfattere: A. Ashfaq, S. Esmaili, M. Najjar, F. Batool, T. Mukatash, H. A. Al-Ani, P. M. Koga
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UNRWA's role in promoting health outcomes of Palestinian refugees in Jordan: A systematic literature review

Public health nursing (Boston, Mass.) - Journal Article

INTRODUCTION: The mandate of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency in the Near East (UNRWA) includes education and health services of registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan and other countries. UNRWA is facing limited funding because of unstable po...

Forfattere: H. Alduraidi, A. Abdulla Aqel, Z. Saleh, I. Almansour, M. Darawad
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Understanding the migration experience of unaccompanied youth: A review of the literature

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry - Journal Article

Migration of unaccompanied immigrant and refugee youth has increased around the world in the last decade, peaking in 2014 in the United States and in 2015 in Europe. Youth are pushed to migrate without parents or guardians to escape war, persecution, gang...

Forfattere: M. F. Garcia, D. Birman
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Undersøkelse etter drukningstragedien i Tromsø: Hva kan vi lære om integrering og flyktninghelse?


2. desember 2019 døde en kvinne og to av døtrene hennes av drukning i Tromsø. Den tredje datteren ble alvorlig skadet. Kvinnen var fra Sør-Sudan og hadde fått opphold i Norge med familiegjenforening. Hun hadde bodd i Norge i litt over to år. Hendelsen vak...

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Unaccompanied refugee minors and resettlement: Turning points towards integration

European Journal of Social Psycholgy - Journal Article

Resettling into a new country may pose many challenges for unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs). In this study we seek to get a better understanding of these challenges through analysing interviews with 48 URMs five years after their arrival in Norway, usi...

Forfattere: Elin Sofia Andersson, Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar, Tine Kristin Jensen
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Traumatized refugees: Identifying needs and facing challenges for mental health care

European Journal of Psychotraumatology - Journal Article
Forfattere: C. Knaevelsrud, N. Stammel, M. Olff
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Trauma-informed practices in schools: A narrative literature review

Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy - Journal Article

In Canada, the influx of immigrant and refugee children from war-torn countries and the current rate of natural disasters highlight that it is time to examine our preparation within schools to address childhood traumatic events. However, there is a scarci...

Forfattere: Rosalynn M. Record-Lemon, Marla J. Buchanan
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The use of community-based interventions in reducing morbidity from the psychological impact of conflict-related trauma among refugee populations: A systematic review of the literature

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health - Journal Article

With large numbers of refugee arrivals and numerous barriers to accessing services it is especially important that resources are efficiently and effectively directed to address the health needs of refugees. Ten databases were utilised to conduct the revie...

Forfattere: M. E. Williams, S. C. Thompson
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The Role of Immigrant Admission Classes on the Health and Well-being of Immigrants and Refugees in Canada: A Scoping Review

Journal of immigrant and minority health - Journal Article

Many countries offer different pathways through which migrants can enter a new country. In Canada, there are three main immigrant admission classes: economic, family, and refugee. Previous research suggests that there are differences in health outcomes am...

Forfattere: S. Morassaei, E. Irvin, P. M. Smith, K. Wilson, S. Ghahari
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The relationship between employment and health for people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds: A systematic review of quantitative studies

SSM - population health - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: For the general population, the positive effects of paid employment on health and wellbeing are well established. However, less is known for people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds. This review aims to systematically summarise the q...

Forfattere: H. Lai, C. Due, A. Ziersch
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The psychosocial needs of refugee children and youth and best practices for filling these needs: A systematic review

Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry - Journal Article

Conflict across the globe has displaced over 16.1 million refugees, with approximately half under the age of 18. Despite the number of young refugees, there is a dearth of research reporting on the needs of refugee children and youth. The purpose of this ...

Forfattere: C. Nakeyar, V. Esses, G. J. Reid
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The prevalence of mental illness in refugees and asylum seekers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

PLoS medicine - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: Globally, the number of refugees and asylum seekers has reached record highs. Past research in refugee mental health has reported wide variation in mental illness prevalence data, partially attributable to methodological limitations. This syst...

Forfattere: R. Blackmore, J. A. Boyle, M. Fazel, S. Ranasinha, K. M. Gray, G. Fitzgerald, M. Misso, M. Gibson-Helm
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The Effects of Family Financial Stress and Primary Caregivers' Levels of Acculturation on Children's Emotional and Behavioral Problems among Humanitarian Refugees in Australia

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Journal Article

The present study evaluated the application of the basic and extended (incorporated primary caregivers’ levels of acculturation) Family Stress Model (FSM) to understand the effect of family financial stress and primary caregivers’ levels of acculturation ...

Forfattere: L. Yu, A. M. N. Renzaho, L. Shi, L. Ling, W. Chen
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The effectiveness of psychosocial interventions in war-traumatized refugee and internally displaced minors: Systematic review and meta-analysis

European Journal of Psychotraumatology - Journal Article

Background: The United Nations reported that in 2016 over 65 million people worldwide have forcibly left home. Over 50% are children and adolescents; a substantial number has been traumatized and displaced by war. Objective: To provide an overview of the...

Forfattere: A. Nocon, R. Eberle-Sejari, J. Unterhitzenberger, R. Rosner
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