What does COVID-19 distract us from? A migration studies perspective on the inequities of attention

Social Anthropology - Journal Article

This article explores that throughout 2020, movements for solidarity raised their denunciations of the ongoing and constructed border violence globally. Today, amidst the ideological fog of COVID-19 hysteria, such issues are deafening in their absence. This silence is a harbinger of coming carceral governmentality, long the norm in the spaces of exception that define the frontiers of wealth the world over. Double movement operating most perniciously externally. In our spaces of exclusion from wealth and rights, now absent from public discourse, it is in the camps where COVID-19 will be most deadly, and yet migrants themselves are already being constructed as potential public health risks. These spaces of exclusion, exposure and condemnation to suffering this disease have no public health infrastructure nor hope of practising 'social distancing' (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2020 APA, all rights reserved)

Asia Della Rosa, Asher Goldstein
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