The psychosocial needs of refugee children and youth and best practices for filling these needs: A systematic review

Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry - Journal Article

Conflict across the globe has displaced over 16.1 million refugees, with approximately half under the age of 18. Despite the number of young refugees, there is a dearth of research reporting on the needs of refugee children and youth. The purpose of this systematic review is to begin to fill this gap by summarizing what we know about the needs of refugee children and youth (5-18 years old). Eighteen manuscripts met the study inclusion criteria. In these studies, the identified needs of refugee children and youth were primarily in the domains of social support, security, culture, and education. Several strategies were identified as facilitating their integration, such as mentorship programs. The current review can help inform future integration programs designed for refugee children and youth. Supporting the integration of refugee children and youth, and their families, promotes positive outcomes and is beneficial for both refugees and members of host communities.

Extra: Edition: 20171205

C. Nakeyar, V. Esses, G. J. Reid
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