Databasen viser en oversikt over forskningsbasert kunnskap rundt psykososiale forhold og sårbare grupper ved pandemi, med fokus på covid-19 spesielt.

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Young adults' personal concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland: An issue for social concern

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy - Journal Article

Purpose This study focuses on how young adults face the COVID-19 pandemic by investigating their personal concerns about mental well-being, career/studies and economic situation. The authors investigated how young adults' (aged 18–29) personal concerns di...

Forfattere: Mette Ranta, Gintautas Silinskas, Terhi-Anna Wilska
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Worry and mental health in the Covid-19 pandemic: Vulnerability factors in the general Norwegian population

BMC Public Health - Journal Article
Forfattere: I. Blix, M. S. Birkeland, S. Thoresen
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Women's Substance Use and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women's Health Issues - Journal Article

Purpose: Women are experiencing greater unemployment and increased stress from childcare responsibilities than men during the COVID-19 pandemic. Women with these experiences may be at particular risk for mental illness and increased substance use during t...

Forfattere: A. Devoto, M. Himelein-Wachowiak, T. Liu, B. Curtis
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Women worry about family, men about the economy: Gender differences in emotional responses to COVID-19

Journal Article

Among the critical challenges around the COVID-19 pandemic is dealing with the potentially detrimental effects on people’s mental health. Designing appropriate interventions and identifying the concerns of those most at risk requires methods that can extr...

Forfattere: Isabelle van der Vegt, Bennett Kleinberg
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Web-Based Relaxation Intervention for Stress During Social Isolation: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Ment Health - Journal Article

Background: Relaxation practices might be helpful exercises for coping with anxiety and stressful sensations. They may be of particular utility when used in web-based interventions during periods of social isolation. Objective: This randomized study aime...

Forfattere: Silvia Francesca Maria Pizzoli, Chiara Marzorati, Davide Mazzoni, Gabriella Pravettoni
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We are at risk too: The disparate impacts of the pandemic on younger generations

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in profound global impact with high rates of morbidity and mortality. It is essential to understand the psychosocial impacts of the pandemic to identify appropriate prevention and intervention targets. Across...

Forfattere: Renee El-Gabalawy, Jordana Sommer
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Venezuelan migrants in Colombia: COVID-19 and mental health

Lancet Psychiatry - Journal Article

Venezuelan migrants in Colombia are experiencing psychological stressors stemming from political turmoil, poverty, displacement, exploitation, and the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 5 million people have departed Venezuela since 2015.2 The largest subgroup,...

Forfattere: Zelde Espinel, Roberto Chaskel, Ryan C. Berg, Hermes Jose Florez, Silvia L. Gaviria, Oscar Bernal, Kim Berg, Carlos Munoz, Marisa G. Larkin, James M. Shultz
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Trust in the Time of Corona


The global spread of COVID-19 is one of the largest threats to people and governments since the Second World War. The on-going pandemic and its countermeasures have led to varying physical, psychological, and emotional experiences, shaping not just public...

Forfattere: Tilman Brück, Neil Ferguson, Patricia Justino, Wolfgang Stojetz
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Trangboddhet og barnefamiliers hverdagsliv i koronaens tid

Tidsskrift for boligforskning - Journal Article

Boforhold har betydning for barnefamiliers situasjon og er en viktig faktor i barns oppvekstmiljø. Å bo trangt er en faktor som kan påvirke muligheten for ro og hvile, livsutfoldelse og kan gi familiestress. I Norge vet vi relativt mye om hvor mye plass v...

Forfattere: Brattbakk Ingar
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The Ups and Downs of Daily Life During COVID-19: Age Differences in Affect, Stress, and Positive Events

The Journals of Gerontology: Series B - Journal Article

Past research has linked older age with greater emotional well-being and decreased reactivity to stressors, but it is unknown whether age-related advantages in emotional well-being are maintained in the wake of COVID-19. We examined age differences in exp...

Forfattere: Patrick Klaiber, Jin H. Wen, Anita DeLongis, Nancy L. Sin
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The role of emotional intelligence and self-care in the stress perception during COVID-19 outbreak: An intercultural moderated mediation analysis

Personality and Individual Differences - Journal Article

BackgroundThe relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and stress has been widely studied, as well as the beneficial role of self-care to maintain health and wellbeing. However, the joint contribution of EI and self-care in predicting stress has n...

Forfattere: Elena Bermejo-Martins, Elkin O. Luis, Pablo Fernández-Berrocal, Martín Martínez, Ainize Sarrionandia
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The psychological status of 8817 hospital workers during COVID-19 Epidemic: A cross-sectional study in Chongqing

Journal of Affective Disorders - Journal Article

BackgroundThere was an outbreak of COVID-19 towards the end of 2019 in China, which spread all over the world rapidly. The Chinese healthcare system is facing a big challenge where hospital workers are experiencing enormous psychological pressure. This st...

Forfattere: X. Xiaoming, A. Ming, H. Su, W. Wo, C. Jianmei, Z. Qi, H. Hua, L. Xuemei, W. Lixia, C. Jun, S. Lei, L. Zhen, D. Lian, L. Jing, Y. Handan, Q. Haitang, H. Xiaoting, C. Xiaorong, C. Ran, L. Qinghua, Z. Xinyu, T. Jian, T. Jing, J. Guanghua, H. Zhiqin, B. Nkundimana, K. Li
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The psychological impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on health professionals: A cross-sectional study

Frontiers in Psychology - Journal Article

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on health care systems, increasing the risks of psychological distress in health professionals. This study aims at assessing the prevalence of burnout and psychopathological conditions in health profe...

Forfattere: Emanuele Maria Giusti, Elisa Pedroli, Guido E. D'Aniello, Chiara Stramba Badiale, Giada Pietrabissa, Chiara Manna, Marco Stramba Badiale, Giuseppe Riva, Gianluca Castelnuovo, Enrico Molinari
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The Psychological Impact of 'Mild Lockdown' in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nationwide Survey under a Declared State of Emergency

International Journal of Environmental Reseach and Public Health - Journal Article

This study examined the psychological distress caused by non-coercive lockdown (mild lockdown) in Japan. An online survey was conducted with 11,333 people (52.4% females; mean age = 46.3 ± 14.6 years, range = 18-89 years) during the mild lockdown in the s...

Forfattere: T. Yamamoto, C. Uchiumi, N. Suzuki, J. Yoshimoto, E. Murillo-Rodriguez
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The psychological burden of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdown measures: Experience from 4000 participants

Journal of affective disorders - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: In February 2020 the first cases of COVID-19 were identified in Kuwait. Inevitably as many countries worldwide, the general public were negatively affected by the pandemic. Unemployment, uncertainty, distress, increasing deaths, lockdown measu...

Forfattere: Waleed Burhamah, Abdulaziz AlKhayyat, Melinda Oroszlanyova, Ahmad AlKenane, Abdulrahman Almansouri, Mousa Behbehani, Naser Karimi, Hana Jafar, Mohammad AlSuwaidan
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The psycho-social effects of COVID-19 on Italian adolescents' attitudes and behaviors

Italian Journal of Pediatrics - Journal Article

COVID-19 is an emerging issue that has significant consequences on psycho-social well-being. In this regard, a survey was conducted on a large group of adolescents in Italy. The survey investigated four items: concerns and fears, information on the pandem...

Forfattere: Carlo Buzzi, Maurizio Tucci, Riccardo Ciprandi, Ilaria Brambilla, Silvia Caimmi, Giorgio Ciprandi, Gian Luigi Marseglia
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The mental health impact of the covid-19 pandemic on healthcare workers, and interventions to help them: A rapid systematic review

Psychiatry Research - Journal Article

•Healthcare workers’ mental health problems correlate with organizational factors such as workload and exposure to covid-19 patients.•Healthcare workers are more interested in occupational protection, rest, and social support than in professional psycholo...

Forfattere: Ashley Elizabeth Muller, Elisabet Vivianne Hafstad, Jan Peter William Himmels, Geir Smedslund, Signe Flottorp, Synne Øien Stensland, Stijn Stroobants, Stijn Van de Velde, Gunn Elisabeth Vist
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The mental Health impact of non-pharmacological interventions aimed at impeding viral transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic in a general adult population and the factors Associated With adherence to these mitigation strategies. Manuscript submitted for publication

Journal Article

This epidemiological investigation assesses the prevalence of depression and anxiety symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 10,061 adults participated in the study. Symptoms of depression and anxiety were two to three times higher compared to p...

Forfattere: Omid V. Ebrahimi, Asle Hoffart, Sverre Urnes Johnson
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The mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with and without depressive, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorders: A longitudinal study of three Dutch case-control cohorts

Lancet Psychiatry - Journal Article

BackgroundThe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in people with pre-existing mental health disorders is unclear. In three psychiatry case-control cohorts, we compared the perceived mental health impact and coping and changes in depressive sy...

Forfattere: Kuan-Yu Pan, Almar A. L. Kok, Merijn Eikelenboom, Melany Horsfall, Frederike Jörg, Rob A. Luteijn, Didi Rhebergen, Patricia van Oppen, Erik J. Giltay, Brenda W. J. H. Penninx
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The links of stress, substance use and socio-demographic factors with domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal

Journal of Public Health - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: Lockdown, as a measure implemented to combat the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, left many domestic violence (DV) victims trapped with their abusers. This study intends to explore the links between perceived stress, substance use...

Forfattere: Y. M. Perez, A. Gama, A. R. Pedro, M. J. L. de Carvalho, A. E. Guerreiro, V. Duarte, J. Quintas, P. Aguiar, I. Keygnaert, S. Dias
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