Databasen viser en oversikt over forskningsbasert kunnskap rundt psykososiale forhold og sårbare grupper ved pandemi, med fokus på covid-19 spesielt.

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Young carers in a time of COVID

CONCEPT - Journal Article
Forfattere: Mel Aitken
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Workplace violence against frontline clinicians in emergency departments during the COVID-19 pandemic

PeerJ - Journal Article

Background. Frontline clinicians working in emergency departments (ED) were at disportionate risk of workplace violence (WPV). We investigated the prevalence of WPV and its relationship with quality of life (QOL) in this group of health professionals in C...

Forfattere: R. Liu, Y. Li, Y. An, L. Zhang, F. R. An, J. Luo, A. Wang, Y. J. Zhao, A. Yuan, T. Cheung, G. S. Ungvari, M. Z. Qin, Y. T. Xiang
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Working in the Times of COVID-19. Psychological Impact of the Pandemic in Frontline Workers in Spain

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Journal Article

This study evaluates the psychological impact (PI) of the COVID-19 pandemic in frontline workers in Spain. Participants were 546 workers (296 healthcare workers, 105 media professionals, 89 grocery workers, and 83 protective service workers). They all com...

Forfattere: Rocio Rodriguez-Rey, Helena Garrido-Hernansaiz, Nereida Bueno-Guerra
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Work-Related and Personal Factors Associated With Mental Well-Being During the COVID-19 Response: Survey of Health Care and Other Workers

Journal of Medical Internet Research - Journal Article

Background: The response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has created an unprecedented disruption in work conditions. This study describes the mental health and well-being of workers both with and without clinic...

Forfattere: B. A. Evanoff, J. R. Strickland, A. M. Dale, L. Hayibor, E. Page, J. G. Duncan, T. Kannampallil, D. L. Gray
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Workplace violence and its association with quality of life among mental health professionals in China during the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of Psychiatric Research - Journal Article

Objective: Mental health professionals are often exposed to workplace violence (WPV) in China. This study examined the prevalence of WPV and the associated factors and quality of life (QOL) among frontline mental health professionals during the COVID-19 p...

Forfattere: X. M. Xie, Y. J. Zhao, F. R. An, Q. E. Zhang, H. Y. Yu, Z. Yuan, T. Cheung, C. H. Ng, Y. T. Xiang
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Workplace Violence Against Physicians Treating COVID-19 Patients in Peru: A Cross-Sectional Study

Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety - Journal Article

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to health systems that has revealed shortcomings and increased unmet demands. Such situations might exacerbate workplace violence (WPV) against physicians, as has been reported in several par...

Forfattere: A. Munoz del Carpio-Toia, L. Begazo Munoz del Carpio, P. Mayta-Tristan, D. E. Alarcon-Yaquetto, G. Malaga
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Workplace Violence Against Chinese Frontline Clinicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Associations With Demographic and Clinical Characteristics and Quality of Life: A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation

Frontiers in Psychiatry - Journal Article

Background: Workplace violence is a major concern for clinicians worldwide. There has been little data on the epidemiology of workplace violence against frontline clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study examined the pattern of workplace violen...

Forfattere: Y. Yang, Y. Li, Y. An, Y. J. Zhao, L. Zhang, T. Cheung, B. J. Hall, G. S. Ungvari, F. R. An, Y. T. Xiang
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When health care workers became patients with COVID-19: A qualitative study

International Journal of Nursing Practice - Journal Article

Aims: This study aimed to describe the experiences of nurses and other health care workers who were infected with coronavirus disease 2019. Methods: An empirical phenomenological approach was used. Sixteen participants were recruited in Wuhan using purpos...

Forfattere: Li Du, Qian Liu, Qin Chen, Xiao Qin Wang, Shu Fang, Pan Chen, Jie Chen, Zhi-Jiang Zhang, Zhongchun Liu, Bing Xiang Yang, Qiaohong Guo, Dan Luo
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When helping hurts: COVID-19 critical incident involvement and resource depletion in health care workers

Journal of Applied Psychology - Journal Article

A focus on helping others is generally lauded, particularly in medicine, but in the context of a pandemic when health care professionals are facing increased risk, loss, and trauma, this focus can potentially be detrimental. In this study, we sought to (a...

Forfattere: Miguel P. Caldas, Kathryn Ostermeier, Danielle Cooper
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What should be done to support the mental health of healthcare staff treating COVID-19 patients?

British Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

There is an urgent need to provide evidence-based well-being and mental health support for front-line clinical staff managing the COVID-19 pandemic who are at risk of moral injury and mental illness. We describe the evidence base for a tiered model of car...

Forfattere: D. K. Tracy, M. Tarn, R. Eldridge, J. Cooke, J. D. F. Calder, N. Greenberg
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Well-Being During Coronavirus Disease 2019: A PICU Practical Perspective

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine - Journal Article

The importance of promoting  well-being  for healthcare professionals has never been as important as during the current coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. It is recognized that the concept of  well-being  is a multifaceted phenomenon which is influenc...

Forfattere: P. D. Donnelly, M. Davidson, N. Dunlop, M. McGale, E. Milligan, M. Worrall, J. Wylie, C. Kidson
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Violence against healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study from Egypt

Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health - Journal Article

Workplace violence (WPV) is a serious endemic phenomenon in healthcare settings, and it has been escalating during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this cross-sectional study, healthcare workers (HCWs) (105 physicians and 104 nurses) working at two public hospit...

Forfattere: A. Arafa, A. Shehata, M. Youssef, S. Senosy
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Unravelling potential severe psychiatric repercussions on healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 crisis

Journal of Affective Disorders - Journal Article

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak is putting healthcare professionals, especially those in the frontline, under extreme pressures, with a high risk of experiencing physical exhaustion, psychological disturbances, stigmatization, insomnia, d...

Forfattere: G. Anmella, G. Fico, A. Roca, M. Gomez-Ramiro, M. Vazquez, A. Murru, I. Pacchiarotti, N. Verdolini, E. Vieta
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Understanding and Addressing Sources of Anxiety Among Health Care Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JAMA - Journal Article
Forfattere: T. Shanafelt, J. Ripp, M. Trockel
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Trauma and stressor-related disorders among health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic and the role of the gender: A prospective longitudinal survey

Journal of Affective Disorders - Journal Article

Introduction: Health-care Workers (HCW) are facing a critical situation caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) which could impact on their mental health status. In addition, HCW women have been identified as a group at high-risk of developing psych...

Forfattere: Manuel Canal-Rivero, Laura Armesto-Luque, Ana Rubio-Garcia, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Menendez, Nathalia Garrido-Torres, Luis Capitan, Asuncion Luque, Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Miguel Ruiz-Veguilla
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Timely mental health care for the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak is urgently needed

Lancet Psychiatry - Journal Article
Forfattere: Yu-Tao Xiang, Yuan Yang, Wen Li, Ling Zhang, Qinge Zhang, Teris Cheung, Chee H. Ng
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The threat of COVID-19 and its influence on nursing staff burnout

Journal of Advanced Nursing - Journal Article

Aims: To evaluate whether the perceived threat of COVID-19 moderates the influence of work resources and demands on burnout. Design: A cross-sectional study. Methods: We used a convenience sample of 771 nurses working in 10 hospitals in northern Spain. Th...

Forfattere: Guadalupe Manzano Garcia, Juan Carlos Ayala Calvo
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The rotation of medical staff in July 2020 post COVID-19

Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine - Journal Article

The article briefs about effect of rotation of medical staff in July 2020 post COVID-19. As we reach the mid-summer of 2020, it is usual in Irish medical circles to anticipate the largest annual changeover of medical staff in our hospitals and services. S...

Forfattere: M. Cosgrave
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The Remote Influence of Nursing Leadership

Nurse Leader - Journal Article

Maintaining connection and support of staff amid the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) was difficult. One nurse leader conscientiously sent “Monday morning messages” to assure consistent inspirational communication with staff...

Forfattere: A. S. Prestia
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The psychological impact of the coronavirus disease pandemic on hospital workers in Daegu, South Korea

Comprehensive Psychiatry - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to assess the immediate stress and psychological impact experienced by healthcare workers and other personnel during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic., METHOD: The sample consisted of 2554 hospital workers (i.e., phy...

Forfattere: So-Hye Jo, Bon-Hoon Koo, Wan-Seok Seo, Seok-Ho Yun, Hye-Geum Kim
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