Databasen viser en oversikt over forskningsbasert kunnskap rundt psykososiale forhold og sårbare grupper ved pandemi, med fokus på covid-19 spesielt.

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What does COVID-19 distract us from? A migration studies perspective on the inequities of attention

Social Anthropology - Journal Article

This article explores that throughout 2020, movements for solidarity raised their denunciations of the ongoing and constructed border violence globally. Today, amidst the ideological fog of COVID-19 hysteria, such issues are deafening in their absence. Th...

Forfattere: Asia Della Rosa, Asher Goldstein
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Venezuelan migrants in Colombia: COVID-19 and mental health

Lancet Psychiatry - Journal Article

Venezuelan migrants in Colombia are experiencing psychological stressors stemming from political turmoil, poverty, displacement, exploitation, and the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 5 million people have departed Venezuela since 2015.2 The largest subgroup,...

Forfattere: Zelde Espinel, Roberto Chaskel, Ryan C. Berg, Hermes Jose Florez, Silvia L. Gaviria, Oscar Bernal, Kim Berg, Carlos Munoz, Marisa G. Larkin, James M. Shultz
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Unconventional Answers to Unprecedented Challenges: The Swedish Experience During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health - Journal Article

Since its early stages, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has posed immense challenges in meeting the public health and healthcare and social care needs of migrants. In line with other reports from United Kingdom and United States, data fro...

Forfattere: Giuseppe Valeriani, Iris Sarajlic Vukovic, Richard Mollica
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Unspoken inequality: How COVID-19 has exacerbated existing vulnerabilities of asylum-seekers, refugees, and undocumented migrants in South Africa

International Journal for Equity in Health - Journal Article

An estimated 2 million foreign-born migrants of working age (15-64) were living in South Africa (SA) in 2017. Structural and practical xenophobia has driven asylum-seekers, refugees, and undocumented migrants in SA to abject poverty and misery. The Corona...

Forfattere: Ferdinand C. Mukumbang, Anthony N. Ambe, Babatope O. Adebiyi
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The unheard and forgotten warriors of pandemic in india

Social Work with Groups - Journal Article

ABSTRACT This narrative tells the story of two groups: Aanganwadi Group and the Nigrani Group. The former consists of women working under the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme), a flagship program of the Government of India. The latter consists of...

Forfattere: Mohd Najmi Malik
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The mental health of immigrants and refugees: Canadian evidence from a nationally linked database

Health Reports - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: Few studies of the healthy immigrant effect (HIE) have examined the mental health outcomes of Canadian-born individuals on a national scale compared with immigrants by admission category. This study fills this gap by examining the self-reporte...

Forfattere: Edward Ng, Haozhen Zhang
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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Lockdown on the Health and Living Conditions of Undocumented Migrants and Migrants Undergoing Legal Status Regularization

Frontiers in Public Health - Journal Article

Introduction: Undocumented migrants are at high risk of adverse consequences during crises because of a lack of access to essential securities and sources of support. This study aims to describe the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the health and living c...

Forfattere: Claudine Burton-Jeangros, Aline Duvoisin, Sarah Lachat, Liala Consoli, Julien Fakhoury, Yves Jackson
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The Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Syrian Refugees in Turkey: The Case of Kilis

Social Work in Public Health - Journal Article

The objective of this study; is to find out the sensitivity, the concern that are created by the Covid-19 pandemic on the Syrian refugees, who live in Kilis province of Turkey and have different life standards and status and to find out their possibilitie...

Forfattere: Fatih Budak, Sedat Bostan
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Sosial ulikhet i krisetider

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Sex workers must not be forgotten in the COVID-19 response

Lancet - Journal Article

Sex workers are among the most marginalised groups. Globally, most direct sex work has largely ceased as a result of physical distancing and lockdown measures put in place to halt transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2...

Forfattere: Lucy Platt, Jocelyn Elmes, Luca Stevenson, Victoria Holt, Stephen Rolles, Rachel Stuart
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Refugees in Sweden During the Covid-19 Pandemic—The Need for a New Perspective on Health and Integration

Frontiers in Public Health - Journal Article

Refugees are already a vulnerable group in society and are in a stressful situation due to their often uncertain legal status in seeking asylum and integration in the new society after migration. Refugees are, in general, at greater risk of poor health ou...

Forfattere: Elisabeth Mangrio, Maneesh Paul-Satyaseela, Michael Strange
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Refugee and migrant health in the COVID-19 response

Lancet - Journal Article

Refugees and migrants must be included in national public health systems, with no risk of financial or legal consequences for them. This approach is of the utmost importance, as there can be no public health without refugee and migrant health...

Forfattere: H. H. P. Kluge, Z. Jakab, J. Bartovic, V. D'Anna, S. Severoni
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Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Recently Resettled Refugee Populations in the United States and Canada: Perspectives of Refugee Healthcare Providers

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health - Journal Article

Recently resettled refugee populations may be at greater risk for exposure to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), a virus that causes coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), and face unique challenges in following recommendations to protect...

Forfattere: Sarah K. Clarke, Gayathri S. Kumar, James Sutton, Jacob Atem, Anna Banerji, Mahli Brindamour, Paul Geltman, Najah Zaaeed
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Nye borgere i et nedstengt Norge

Tidsskrift for psykisk helsearbeid - Journal Article

Refleksjoner fra ansatte i et kommunalt botilbud som har hatt ansvar for å ivareta enslige mindreårige flyktninger gjennom en pandemi...

Forfattere: Hans-Petter Rode, Øystein Skrolsvik
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Negative impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health service access and follow-up adherence for immigrants and individuals in socio-economic difficulties

Public Health - Journal Article

OBJECTIVES: Lockdown measures in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic can have serious mental health effects on the population, especially in vulnerable groups, such as those living in poor socio-economic conditions, those who are ...

Forfattere: M. Aragona, A. Barbato, A. Cavani, G. Costanzo, C. Mirisola
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Migrant Workers at Crossroads-The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Migrant Experience in India

Social Work in Public Health - Journal Article

The social and economic crisis induced by Covid-19 in low- and middle-income countries could be long, deep, and pervasive, especially when viewed through the lens of migrant workers. Migrant workers in India tend to live and work in megacities in crowded ...

Forfattere: Rajani Suresh, Justine James, R S J Balraju
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Mental health support in Jordan for the general population and for the refugees in the Zaatari camp during the period of COVID-19 lockdown

Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy - Journal Article

We have presented an overview about the mental health situation in Jordan during the coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) in general, and we presented the situation of mental health and the provided support for Syrian refugees at the Zaatari camp. (PsycInfo Databa...

Forfattere: Ziad El-Khatib, Mohannad Al Nsour, Yousef S. Khader, Mohammad Abu Khudair
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Mental health for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons: A call for a humanitarian agenda

Transcultural Psychiatry - Journal Article
Forfattere: S. Bäärnhielm, K. Laban, M. Schouler-Ocak, C. Rousseau, L. J. Kirmayer
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Mental health and quality of life among refugees from Syria after forced migration to Norway: Main findings from the REFUGE study

Forfattere: Ø. Solberg, A. Nissen, P. Cauley, A. J. Andersen
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Local to global: Somali perspectives on faith, community, and resilience in response to COVID-19

Special Issue: COVID-19: Insights on the Pandemic's Traumatic Effects and Global Implications - Journal Article

People living in and those displaced from conflict-affected low- and middle-income countries encounter a unique set of considerations related to the COVID-19 outbreak. This commentary provides Somali perspectives on the global pandemic, highlighting chall...

Forfattere: Jacob A. Bentley, Farhiya Mohamed, Norah Feeny, Luul B. Ahmed, Kawther Musa, Abdirahman Mussa Tubeec, Dega Angula, Momin Hussein Egeh, Lori Zoellner
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Viser 1-20 av totalt 40 referanser