Databasen viser en oversikt over forskningsbasert kunnskap rundt psykososiale forhold og sårbare grupper ved pandemi, med fokus på covid-19 spesielt.

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Young adults' personal concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland: An issue for social concern

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy - Journal Article

Purpose This study focuses on how young adults face the COVID-19 pandemic by investigating their personal concerns about mental well-being, career/studies and economic situation. The authors investigated how young adults' (aged 18–29) personal concerns di...

Forfattere: Mette Ranta, Gintautas Silinskas, Terhi-Anna Wilska
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Working in the Times of COVID-19. Psychological Impact of the Pandemic in Frontline Workers in Spain

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Journal Article

This study evaluates the psychological impact (PI) of the COVID-19 pandemic in frontline workers in Spain. Participants were 546 workers (296 healthcare workers, 105 media professionals, 89 grocery workers, and 83 protective service workers). They all com...

Forfattere: Rocio Rodriguez-Rey, Helena Garrido-Hernansaiz, Nereida Bueno-Guerra
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Work-Related and Personal Factors Associated With Mental Well-Being During the COVID-19 Response: Survey of Health Care and Other Workers

Journal of Medical Internet Research - Journal Article

Background: The response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has created an unprecedented disruption in work conditions. This study describes the mental health and well-being of workers both with and without clinic...

Forfattere: B. A. Evanoff, J. R. Strickland, A. M. Dale, L. Hayibor, E. Page, J. G. Duncan, T. Kannampallil, D. L. Gray
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Workplace Violence Against Physicians Treating COVID-19 Patients in Peru: A Cross-Sectional Study

Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety - Journal Article

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to health systems that has revealed shortcomings and increased unmet demands. Such situations might exacerbate workplace violence (WPV) against physicians, as has been reported in several par...

Forfattere: A. Munoz del Carpio-Toia, L. Begazo Munoz del Carpio, P. Mayta-Tristan, D. E. Alarcon-Yaquetto, G. Malaga
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Usikkerhet i koronaens tid. En studie av kulturarbeidere med ulike tilknytningsformer til arbeidslivet

Søkelys på arbeidslivet - Journal Article

Kunst- og kulturfeltet ble hardt rammet av covid-19-pandemien. I en svært uoversiktlig situasjon i midten av april 2020 gjennomførte vi en undersøkelse blant medlemmene i Creo – Norges største interesseorganisasjon innen feltet. Respondentene erfarer stør...

Forfattere: Beate Elstad, Erik Døving, Dag Jansson
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Unemployment and Psychological Distress among Young People during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychological Resources and Risk Factors

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Journal Article

In the wake of COVID-19, unemployment and its potential deleterious consequences have attracted renewed interest. We examined (1) the association between unemployment, occurring upon the coronavirus outbreak, and psychological distress among Israeli young...

Forfattere: Netta Achdut, Tehila Refaeli
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The Psychological Impact of 'Mild Lockdown' in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nationwide Survey under a Declared State of Emergency

International Journal of Environmental Reseach and Public Health - Journal Article

This study examined the psychological distress caused by non-coercive lockdown (mild lockdown) in Japan. An online survey was conducted with 11,333 people (52.4% females; mean age = 46.3 ± 14.6 years, range = 18-89 years) during the mild lockdown in the s...

Forfattere: T. Yamamoto, C. Uchiumi, N. Suzuki, J. Yoshimoto, E. Murillo-Rodriguez
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The mark of mental health problems. A field experiment on hiring discrimination before and during COVID-19

Social Science & Medicine - Journal Article

Mental health problems are associated with poor labour market outcomes. Based on data from a field experiment, this article investigates the extent to which hiring discrimination limits the job opportunities of young applicants who disclose a history of m...

Forfattere: Vegar Bjørnshagen
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Students’ coping with the self-regulatory demand of crisis-driven digitalization in university mathematics instruction: do motivational and emotional orientations make a difference?

Computers in Human Behavior - Journal Article

The COVID-19 pandemic induced a radical shift from face-to-face lectures to online learning in university mathematics instruction, which confronted students with a high self-regulatory demand. We investigated the role of students' motivational and emotion...

Forfattere: Frank Reinhold, Christian Schons, Sarah Scheuerer, Peter Gritzmann, Jürgen Richter-Gebert, Kristina Reiss
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Pandemi og jobb: Hvordan påvirket smittevernrestriksjonene arbeidsmarkedet for unge mennesker med alvorlige psykiske lidelser?

Tidsskrift for psykisk helsearbeid - Journal Article

Deltakelse i arbeidslivet er like viktig for unge mennesker med psykoselidelse som for alle andre. Ved Seksjon for tidlig psykosebehandling (OUS) samarbeider jobbsøkere og jobbspesialister for å finne egnede jobber som kan vedvare over tid. I dette innleg...

Forfattere: Andreas Seierstad, Kari Mette Sørgård, Tonje Kathrine Kretschmer Thue, Stig Evensen, Trine Sandal, June Ullevoldsæter Lystad
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Labor market effects of Covid-19 in Sweden and its neighbors: Evidence from novel administrative data


This paper studies the labor market effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We focus on the Nordic countries which showed one of the highest variations in NPIs despite having similar community spread of COVID-19...

Forfattere: S. Juranek, J. Paetzold, H. Winner, F. T. Zoutman
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Konsekvenser av korona: Arbeidsledighet og gjennomføring blant unge i Viken

Forfattere: Mathilde Bjørnset
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Kompetanse eller arbeidsledighet i pandemiens kjølvann – Rapport fra Arbeidslivsbarometeret 2020


Arbeidslivsbarometeret 2020 har undersøkt hva arbeidstakerne vil gjøre dersom dersom de blir arbeidsledige. I den tredje rapporteringen fra Arbeidslivsbarometeret 2020 viser vi at mange er motivert for å ta utdanning for å komme ut av arbeidsledighet....

Forfattere: Arild Henrik Steen, Mari Holm Ingelsrud
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Job insecurity, financial threat and mental health in the COVID-19 context: The buffer role of perceived social support (Submitted)

BMJ - Journal Article

The social distancing, confinement and quarantine adopted since March 2020 to confront the COVID-19 pandemic have affected multiple vital areas, and specially work, business and productive activities. Prior research has highlighted the relation between pe...

Forfattere: Carlos-Maria Alcover, Sergio Salgado, Gabriela Nazar, Raul Ramirez-Vielma, Carolina Gonzalez-Suhr
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Informasjon og tiltak rettet mot innvandrerbefolkningen i forbindelse med Covid-19: Delrapport 1


Rapporten inneholder en oversikt over informasjons- og veiledningstiltak fra offentlige myndigheter og frivillige organisasjoner i forbindelse med covid-19, samt en oversikt over smittesituasjonen i innvandrerbefolkningen. Dataene er fra perioden mai -au...

Forfattere: Ragnhild Skogheim, Geir Orderud, Marit Ekne Ruud
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Inequality in the impact of the coronavirus shock: Evidence from real time surveys

Journal of Public Economics - Journal Article

We present real time survey evidence from the UK, US and Germany showing that the immediate labor market impacts of Covid-19 differ considerably across countries. Employees in Germany, which has a well-established short-time work scheme, are substantially...

Forfattere: Abi Adams-Prassl, Teodora Boneva, Marta Golin, Christopher Rauh
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Individual, interpersonal and economic challenges of underemployment in the wake of COVID-19

Work - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: COVID-19 has caused economic slowdown all across the globe. It results in job loss on the one hand and less wages, increased working hours, overqualified employees and part time jobs on the other hand. Low demand of labour and a huge availabil...

Forfattere: Manjeet Kaur, Pratibha Goyal, Mini Goyal
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Health and emotional well-being of urban university students in the era of COVID-19

Traumatology - Journal Article

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted social distancing measures and forced transition to virtual learning for university students. Examining the impact of these disruptions on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and psychological distress can contribute ...

Forfattere: Molly Lancaster, Erasto Arango
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Håndtering og konsekvenser av koronautbruddet for videregående opplæring

Fafo-rapport 2021:09 - Report

I rapporten har vi undersøkt hvilke konsekvenser koronakrisen har fått for elever og lærlinger i videregående opplæring. Det meste av datainnsamlingen ble gjort høsten 2020, og mange av spørsmålene dreier seg om erfaringene med stengte skoler og overgang ...

Forfattere: Rolf K. Andersen, Mona Bråten, Ester Bøckmann, Marianne Takvam Kindt, Torgeir Nyen, Anna Hagen Tønder
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Health, work, and contributing factors on life satisfaction: A study in Norway before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

SSM - Population Health - Journal Article

BackgroundThe COVID-19 outbreak has posed considerable challenges for people's health, work situations and life satisfaction. This article reports on a study of the relationship between self-reported health and life satisfaction before and during the COVI...

Forfattere: Nan Zou Bakkeli
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