Databasen viser en oversikt over forskningsbasert kunnskap rundt psykososiale forhold og sårbare grupper ved pandemi, med fokus på covid-19 spesielt.

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Years of life lost due to the psychosocial consequences of COVID-19 mitigation strategies based on Swiss data

European Psychiatry - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: The pandemic caused by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has forced governments to implement strict social mitigation strategies to reduce the morbidity and mortality from acute infections. These strategies, however, carry a significant risk...

Forfattere: D. A. Moser, J. Glaus, S. Frangou, D. S. Schechter
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Work-Related and Personal Factors Associated With Mental Well-Being During the COVID-19 Response: Survey of Health Care and Other Workers

Journal of Medical Internet Research - Journal Article

Background: The response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has created an unprecedented disruption in work conditions. This study describes the mental health and well-being of workers both with and without clinic...

Forfattere: B. A. Evanoff, J. R. Strickland, A. M. Dale, L. Hayibor, E. Page, J. G. Duncan, T. Kannampallil, D. L. Gray
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Women's Substance Use and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women's Health Issues - Journal Article

Purpose: Women are experiencing greater unemployment and increased stress from childcare responsibilities than men during the COVID-19 pandemic. Women with these experiences may be at particular risk for mental illness and increased substance use during t...

Forfattere: A. Devoto, M. Himelein-Wachowiak, T. Liu, B. Curtis
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Workplace violence and its association with quality of life among mental health professionals in China during the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of Psychiatric Research - Journal Article

Objective: Mental health professionals are often exposed to workplace violence (WPV) in China. This study examined the prevalence of WPV and the associated factors and quality of life (QOL) among frontline mental health professionals during the COVID-19 p...

Forfattere: X. M. Xie, Y. J. Zhao, F. R. An, Q. E. Zhang, H. Y. Yu, Z. Yuan, T. Cheung, C. H. Ng, Y. T. Xiang
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Workplace Violence Against Chinese Frontline Clinicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Associations With Demographic and Clinical Characteristics and Quality of Life: A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation

Frontiers in Psychiatry - Journal Article

Background: Workplace violence is a major concern for clinicians worldwide. There has been little data on the epidemiology of workplace violence against frontline clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study examined the pattern of workplace violen...

Forfattere: Y. Yang, Y. Li, Y. An, Y. J. Zhao, L. Zhang, T. Cheung, B. J. Hall, G. S. Ungvari, F. R. An, Y. T. Xiang
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Women's mental health: acute impact of COVID-19 pandemic on domestic violence

Archives of Women's Mental Health - Journal Article

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic created a situation of general distress. Although the focus has been initially more on the physical health during the pandemic, mental health concerns linked to the lockdown have quickly risen. This study a...

Forfattere: S. Sediri, Y. Zgueb, S. Ouanes, U. Ouali, S. Bourgou, R. Jomli, F. Nacef
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Women's Mental Health Services and Pregnancy: A Review

Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey - Journal Article

Importance The importance of women's mental health services is becoming more evident as we learn more about the impact of mental health on maternal and perinatal outcomes. Objective The purpose of this review is to identify the importance of mental health...

Forfattere: T. Ghahremani, E. F. Magann, A. Phillips, S. L. Ray-Griffith, J. L. Coker, Z. N. Stowe
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When helping hurts: COVID-19 critical incident involvement and resource depletion in health care workers

Journal of Applied Psychology - Journal Article

A focus on helping others is generally lauded, particularly in medicine, but in the context of a pandemic when health care professionals are facing increased risk, loss, and trauma, this focus can potentially be detrimental. In this study, we sought to (a...

Forfattere: Miguel P. Caldas, Kathryn Ostermeier, Danielle Cooper
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What Will Be the Impact of the COVID-19 Quarantine on Psychological Distress? Considerations Based on a Systematic Review of Pandemic Outbreaks

Healthcare - Journal Article

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and related syndrome (COVID-19) has led to worldwide measures with severe consequences for millions of people. In the light of the psychopathological consequences of restrictive measures detected during previous outbreak...

Forfattere: Marco Cavicchioli, Roberta Ferrucci, Matteo Guidetti, Maria P. Canevini, Gabriella Pravettoni, Federica Galli
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What should be done to support the mental health of healthcare staff treating COVID-19 patients?

British Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

There is an urgent need to provide evidence-based well-being and mental health support for front-line clinical staff managing the COVID-19 pandemic who are at risk of moral injury and mental illness. We describe the evidence base for a tiered model of car...

Forfattere: D. K. Tracy, M. Tarn, R. Eldridge, J. Cooke, J. D. F. Calder, N. Greenberg
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Web-Based Relaxation Intervention for Stress During Social Isolation: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Ment Health - Journal Article

Background: Relaxation practices might be helpful exercises for coping with anxiety and stressful sensations. They may be of particular utility when used in web-based interventions during periods of social isolation. Objective: This randomized study aime...

Forfattere: Silvia Francesca Maria Pizzoli, Chiara Marzorati, Davide Mazzoni, Gabriella Pravettoni
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We are at risk too: The disparate impacts of the pandemic on younger generations

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in profound global impact with high rates of morbidity and mortality. It is essential to understand the psychosocial impacts of the pandemic to identify appropriate prevention and intervention targets. Across...

Forfattere: Renee El-Gabalawy, Jordana Sommer
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Unravelling potential severe psychiatric repercussions on healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 crisis

Journal of Affective Disorders - Journal Article

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak is putting healthcare professionals, especially those in the frontline, under extreme pressures, with a high risk of experiencing physical exhaustion, psychological disturbances, stigmatization, insomnia, d...

Forfattere: G. Anmella, G. Fico, A. Roca, M. Gomez-Ramiro, M. Vazquez, A. Murru, I. Pacchiarotti, N. Verdolini, E. Vieta
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Understanding and Addressing Sources of Anxiety Among Health Care Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JAMA - Journal Article
Forfattere: T. Shanafelt, J. Ripp, M. Trockel
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Trauma and stressor-related disorders among health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic and the role of the gender: A prospective longitudinal survey

Journal of Affective Disorders - Journal Article

Introduction: Health-care Workers (HCW) are facing a critical situation caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) which could impact on their mental health status. In addition, HCW women have been identified as a group at high-risk of developing psych...

Forfattere: Manuel Canal-Rivero, Laura Armesto-Luque, Ana Rubio-Garcia, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Menendez, Nathalia Garrido-Torres, Luis Capitan, Asuncion Luque, Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Miguel Ruiz-Veguilla
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Trajectories of anxiety and depressive symptoms during enforced isolation due to COVID-19 in England: A longitudinal observational study

Lancet Psychiatry - Journal Article

Summary Background There is major concern about the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak on mental health. Several studies suggest that mental health deteriorated in many countries before and during enforced isolation (ie, lockdown), but it remains unkn...

Forfattere: Daisy Fancourt, Andrew Steptoe, Feifei Bu
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The psychological impact of COVID-19 disease is more severe on intensive care unit healthcare providers: A cross-sectional study

Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience - Journal Article

Objective: Fear, anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation are common mental health disorders in COVID-19 disease. We aimed to analyse the risk for healthcare providers during COVID-19 pandemic in a university hospital. Methods: Anesthesiologists, nurses ...

Forfattere: Kemal Tolga Saracoglu, Tahsin Simsek, Selime Kahraman, Elif Bombaci, Ozlem Sezen, Ayten Saracoglu, Recep Demirhan
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The psychological status of 8817 hospital workers during COVID-19 Epidemic: A cross-sectional study in Chongqing

Journal of Affective Disorders - Journal Article

BackgroundThere was an outbreak of COVID-19 towards the end of 2019 in China, which spread all over the world rapidly. The Chinese healthcare system is facing a big challenge where hospital workers are experiencing enormous psychological pressure. This st...

Forfattere: X. Xiaoming, A. Ming, H. Su, W. Wo, C. Jianmei, Z. Qi, H. Hua, L. Xuemei, W. Lixia, C. Jun, S. Lei, L. Zhen, D. Lian, L. Jing, Y. Handan, Q. Haitang, H. Xiaoting, C. Xiaorong, C. Ran, L. Qinghua, Z. Xinyu, T. Jian, T. Jing, J. Guanghua, H. Zhiqin, B. Nkundimana, K. Li
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The psychological impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on college students in China

Psychiatry Research - Journal Article

A COVID-19 epidemic has been spreading in China and other parts of the world since December 2019. The epidemic has brought not only the risk of death from infection but also unbearable psychological pressure. We sampled college students from Changzhi medi...

Forfattere: Wenjun Cao, Ziwei Fang, Guoqiang Hou, Mei Han, Xinrong Xu, Jiaxin Dong, Jianzhong Zheng
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The Psychological Impact of 'Mild Lockdown' in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nationwide Survey under a Declared State of Emergency

International Journal of Environmental Reseach and Public Health - Journal Article

This study examined the psychological distress caused by non-coercive lockdown (mild lockdown) in Japan. An online survey was conducted with 11,333 people (52.4% females; mean age = 46.3 ± 14.6 years, range = 18-89 years) during the mild lockdown in the s...

Forfattere: T. Yamamoto, C. Uchiumi, N. Suzuki, J. Yoshimoto, E. Murillo-Rodriguez
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