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Undersøkelse etter drukningstragedien i Tromsø: Hva kan vi lære om integrering og flyktninghelse?


2. desember 2019 døde en kvinne og to av døtrene hennes av drukning i Tromsø. Den tredje datteren ble alvorlig skadet. Kvinnen var fra Sør-Sudan og hadde fått opphold i Norge med familiegjenforening. Hun hadde bodd i Norge i litt over to år. Hendelsen vak...

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What we know and don't know about mental health problems among immigrants in Norway

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health - Journal Article

Mental health problems have been regarded as one of the main public health challenges of immigrants in several countries. Understanding and generating research-based knowledge on immigrant health problems is highly relevant for planning preventive interve...

Forfattere: D. S. Abebe, L. Lien, K. H. Hjelde
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Violence Exposure and Mental Health Among Resettled Refugees: A Systematic Review

Trauma, Violence, & Abuse - Journal Article

Refugee populations are often characterized by their high exposure to violence, which are tied to various challenges upon resettlement. This systematic review synthesizes the empirical literature related to violence exposure for refugees resettled in high...

Forfattere: A. A. J. Scoglio, C. Salhi
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UNRWA's role in promoting health outcomes of Palestinian refugees in Jordan: A systematic literature review

Public health nursing (Boston, Mass.) - Journal Article

INTRODUCTION: The mandate of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency in the Near East (UNRWA) includes education and health services of registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan and other countries. UNRWA is facing limited funding because of unstable po...

Forfattere: H. Alduraidi, A. Abdulla Aqel, Z. Saleh, I. Almansour, M. Darawad
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Utilization of mobile mental health services among syrian refugees and other vulnerable arab populations—a systematic review

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - Journal Article

The global refugee crisis is at its most critical state in history; Syria alone has produced 12 million internally displaced persons, with another 5 million refugees seeking protection across the globe. Faced with the heavy burden of mental distress carri...

Forfattere: A. Ashfaq, S. Esmaili, M. Najjar, F. Batool, T. Mukatash, H. A. Al-Ani, P. M. Koga
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The use of community-based interventions in reducing morbidity from the psychological impact of conflict-related trauma among refugee populations: A systematic review of the literature

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health - Journal Article

With large numbers of refugee arrivals and numerous barriers to accessing services it is especially important that resources are efficiently and effectively directed to address the health needs of refugees. Ten databases were utilised to conduct the revie...

Forfattere: M. E. Williams, S. C. Thompson
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The prevalence of mental illness in refugees and asylum seekers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

PLoS medicine - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: Globally, the number of refugees and asylum seekers has reached record highs. Past research in refugee mental health has reported wide variation in mental illness prevalence data, partially attributable to methodological limitations. This syst...

Forfattere: R. Blackmore, J. A. Boyle, M. Fazel, S. Ranasinha, K. M. Gray, G. Fitzgerald, M. Misso, M. Gibson-Helm
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The Assessment of Grief in Refugees and Post-conflict Survivors: A Narrative Review of Etic and Emic Research

Frontiers in Psychology - Journal Article

Prolonged grief disorder (PGD) is a new mental health disorder that will be recognized by the World Health Organization's disorder classification, the ICD-11, in 2018. Current assessment measures of PGD are largely based on North American and European con...

Forfattere: C. Killikelly, S. Bauer, A. Maercker
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Supporting access to healthcare for refugees and migrants in European countries under particular migratory pressure

BMC health services research - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: In 2015 the increased migratory pressure in Europe posed additional challenges for healthcare providers. The aim of this study was to inform the development of a "Resource Package" to support European Union (EU) member states in improving acce...

Forfattere: A. Chiarenza, M. Dauvrin, V. Chiesa, S. Baatout, H. Verrept
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Psychological First Aid for Displaced Children and Families

Forfattere: M. Brymer, D. Elmore Borbon, S. Frymier, V. Ramirez, L. Flores, L. Mulder, C. Ghosh-Ippen, R. Gurwitch
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Oxford Textbook of Migrant Psychiatry


Human beings have been migrant for millennia. Reasons for migration vary from economic, financial, and educational reasons to persecution on religious or other discriminations. Push and pull factors for migration can produce inordinate amount of stress on...

Forfattere: Dinesh Bhugra
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Stress, trauma, and posttraumatic stress disorder in migrants: A comprehensive review

Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

There is growing evidence supporting the association between migration and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Considering the growing population of migrants and the particularities of providing culturally sensitive mental health care for these persons,...

Forfattere: L. H. U. Bustamante, R. O. Cerqueira, E. Leclerc, E. Brietzke
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Sleep disorders in migrants and refugees: A systematic review with implications for personalized medical approach

EPMA Journal - Journal Article

Sleep disorders are very common in migrants and refugees, often as a comorbid disorder to different somatic or psychiatric diagnoses and psychological disturbances such as metabolic syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety disorde...

Forfattere: K. Richter, L. Baumgärtner, G. Niklewski, L. Peter, M. Köck, S. Kellner, T. Hillemacher, A. Büttner-Teleaga
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Self-help plus for refugees and asylum seekers; study protocol for a series of individual participant data meta-analyses

European Journal of Psychotraumatology - Journal Article

Refugees and asylum seekers face various stressors due to displacement and are especially vulnerable to common mental disorders. To effectively manage psychological distress in this population, innovative interventions are required. The World Health Organ...

Forfattere: E. Karyotaki, M. Sijbrandij, M. Purgato, C. Acarturk, D. Lakin, D. Bailey, E. Peckham, E. Uygun, F. Tedeschi, J. Wancata, J. Augustinavicius, K. Carswell, M. Välimäki, M. van Ommeren, M. Koesters, M. Popa, M. R. Leku, M. Anttila, R. Churchill, R. White, S. Al-Hashimi, T. Lantta, T. Au, T. Klein, W. A. Tol, P. Cuijpers, C. Barbui
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Recent approaches to provision of mental healthcare in refugee populations

Current Opinion in Psychiatry - Journal Article

The present review provides an overview of key issues and concepts on the provision of mental healthcare to refugees with mental health conditions.|Several barriers to mental healthcare for refugees have been described, and principles for good mental care...

Forfattere: M. Koesters, C. Barbui, M. Purgato
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Psychological and pharmacological interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbid mental health problems following complex traumatic events: Systematic review and component network meta-analysis

PLoS medicine - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: Complex traumatic events associated with armed conflict, forcible displacement, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence are increasingly prevalent. People exposed to complex traumatic events are at risk of not only posttraumatic stress d...

Forfattere: P. A. Coventry, N. Meader, H. Melton, M. Temple, H. Dale, K. Wright, M. Cloitre, T. Karatzias, J. Bisson, N. P. Roberts, J. V. E. Brown, C. Barbui, R. Churchill, K. Lovell, D. McMillan, S. Gilbody
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Prioritising mental health and psychosocial services in relief and recovery efforts in Ukraine

Lancet Psychiatry - Journal Article

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis with more than 6·5 million internally displaced people and more than 3 million refugees in neighbouring countries. Mental disorders are prevalent in conflict settings....

Forfattere: W. Shi, P. Navario, B. J. Hall
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Prevalence of sexual violence among refugees: a systematic review

Revista de saude publica - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: To synthesize data about the prevalence of sexual violence (SV) among refugees around the world. METHODS: A systematic review was conducted from the search in seven bibliographic databases. Studies on the prevalence of SV among refugees and asy...

Forfattere: J. O. Araujo, F. M. Souza, R. Proença, M. L. Bastos, A. Trajman, E. Faerstein
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Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety in adult Syrian refugees: What do we know?

Scandinavian journal of public health - Journal Article

Background: The crisis in Syria has resulted in vast numbers of refugees seeking asylum in Syria's neighboring countries and Europe. Refugees are at considerable risk of developing common mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic...

Forfattere: E. K. Peconga, M. Høgh Thøgersen
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Migrations, trauma and mental health: A literature update on psychological assessment

L'Encephale - Journal Article

INTRODUCTION: Migrants and refugees often face potentially traumatic events and post-migratory stressors. Upon arrival in the host country, they can be referred to mental health services to assess the impact of their previous experiences. These cross-cult...

Forfattere: A. E. Brunnet, N. Dos Santos Lobo, T. Silveira, C. H. Kristensen, D. Derivois
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