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Webinar: På flukt fra krigen i Ukraina, hvordan kan vi hjelpe flyktningene i Norge?


Del I: KunnskapsoppdateringeneVoksne og eldre flyktninger fra Ukraina: Psykososiale konsekvenser, behov og tiltak den første tiden i Norge, v/ Marianne Opaas, Forsker II, NKVTSEnslige mindreårige asylsøkere: Kartlegging av traumeerfaringer og psykisk hels...

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Traumatized refugees: Identifying needs and facing challenges for mental health care

European Journal of Psychotraumatology - Journal Article
Forfattere: C. Knaevelsrud, N. Stammel, M. Olff
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The effectiveness of psychosocial interventions in war-traumatized refugee and internally displaced minors: Systematic review and meta-analysis

European Journal of Psychotraumatology - Journal Article

Background: The United Nations reported that in 2016 over 65 million people worldwide have forcibly left home. Over 50% are children and adolescents; a substantial number has been traumatized and displaced by war. Objective: To provide an overview of the...

Forfattere: A. Nocon, R. Eberle-Sejari, J. Unterhitzenberger, R. Rosner
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The Cultural and Contextual Adaptation Process of an Intervention to Reduce Psychological Distress in Young Adolescents Living in Lebanon

Frontiers in Psychiatry - Journal Article

Armed conflict leads to increased risk of emotional distress among children and adolescents, and increased exposure to significant daily stressors such as poverty and community and family violence. Unfortunately, these increased risks usually occur in the...

Forfattere: F. L. Brown, M. Aoun, K. Taha, F. Steen, P. Hansen, M. Bird, K. S. Dawson, S. Watts, R. El Chammay, M. Sijbrandij, A. Malik, M. J. D. Jordans
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Narrative exposure therapy: A case for use with refugees via telehealth with the use of an interpreter

Clinical Case Studies - Journal Article

Rates of PTSD and depression are as high as or higher among samples of refugees than in the general population. There have been few randomized controlled trials of trauma-focused therapies conducted with refugees. Additionally, there has been little resea...

Forfattere: Gabriela A. Olavarrieta, Lorraine Benuto
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Stress, trauma, and posttraumatic stress disorder in migrants: A comprehensive review

Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

There is growing evidence supporting the association between migration and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Considering the growing population of migrants and the particularities of providing culturally sensitive mental health care for these persons,...

Forfattere: L. H. U. Bustamante, R. O. Cerqueira, E. Leclerc, E. Brietzke
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Self-help plus for refugees and asylum seekers; study protocol for a series of individual participant data meta-analyses

European Journal of Psychotraumatology - Journal Article

Refugees and asylum seekers face various stressors due to displacement and are especially vulnerable to common mental disorders. To effectively manage psychological distress in this population, innovative interventions are required. The World Health Organ...

Forfattere: E. Karyotaki, M. Sijbrandij, M. Purgato, C. Acarturk, D. Lakin, D. Bailey, E. Peckham, E. Uygun, F. Tedeschi, J. Wancata, J. Augustinavicius, K. Carswell, M. Välimäki, M. van Ommeren, M. Koesters, M. Popa, M. R. Leku, M. Anttila, R. Churchill, R. White, S. Al-Hashimi, T. Lantta, T. Au, T. Klein, W. A. Tol, P. Cuijpers, C. Barbui
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Review: How should child mental health services respond to the refugee crisis?

Child and Adolescent Mental Health - Journal Article

Child mental health services and related agencies are faced with an increasing challenge in responding to the influx of refugee children around the world. There is strong evidence on the prevalence and complexity of these children's mental health problems...

Forfattere: S. Eruyar, J. Huemer, P. Vostanis
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Review of child and adolescent refugee mental health

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Journal Article

To review stressful experiences and stress reactions among child and adolescent refugees, as well as interventions and ethical considerations in research and clinical work, within the framework of the chronological experiences of child refugees; namely, t...

Forfattere: S. L. Lustig, M. Kia-Keating, W. G. Knight, P. Geltman, H. Ellis, J. D. Kinzie, T. Keane, G. N. Saxe
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Relationships of Childhood Adverse Experiences With Mental Health and Quality of Life at Treatment Start for Adult Refugees Traumatized by Pre-Flight Experiences of War and Human Rights Violations

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease - Journal Article

Adverse and potentially traumatic experiences (PTEs) in childhood were examined among 54 adult refugee patients with pre-flight PTEs of war and human rights violations (HRVs) and related to mental health and quality of life at treatment start. Extent of c...

Forfattere: M. Opaas, S. Varvin
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Refugee children: Mental health and effective interventions

Current Psychiatry Reports - Journal Article

The mental health consequences of war and other forms of organized violence for children represent a serious global public health issue. Much of the research on the mental health of war-affected civilians has focused on refugees who have sought asylum in ...

Forfattere: L. Pacione, T. Measham, C. Rousseau
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Recent approaches to provision of mental healthcare in refugee populations

Current Opinion in Psychiatry - Journal Article

The present review provides an overview of key issues and concepts on the provision of mental healthcare to refugees with mental health conditions.|Several barriers to mental healthcare for refugees have been described, and principles for good mental care...

Forfattere: M. Koesters, C. Barbui, M. Purgato
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Psychosocial and behavioral aspects of populations affected by humanitarian emergencies: Recent developments

Current Opinin in Psychiatry - Journal Article

Understand recent developments in psychosocial and behavioral aspects of populations affected by humanitarian emergencies. The review covers the prevalence, longitudinal course, risk factors, posttraumatic growth, biological basis and interventions to add...

Forfattere: R. S. Murthy
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Primary care management of non-English-speaking refugees who have experienced trauma: A clinical review

JAMA - Journal Article

Refugees are a vulnerable class of immigrants who have fled their countries, typically following war, violence, or natural disaster, and who have frequently experienced trauma. In primary care, engaging refugees to develop a positive therapeutic relations...

Forfattere: S. S. Crosby
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Preventive interventions among children exposed to trauma of armed conflict: A literature review

Aggressive Behavior - Journal Article

Increasing research is available on the preconditions for child mental health and optimal development in traumatic conditions, whereas less is known how to translate the findings into effective interventions to help traumatized children. This literature r...

Forfattere: K. Peltonen, R. L. Punamäki
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Prevention of psychological distress and promotion of resilience amongst unaccompanied refugee minors in resettlement countries

Child: Care, Health and Development - Journal Article

As increasing numbers of unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs) are arriving in Europe, there is a need to investigate which factors promote psychological resilience and improve their mental health. This review aims to identify preventive post settlement inf...

Forfattere: R. Mitra, M. Hodes
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Prevalence of mental disorders in young refugees and asylum seekers in European Countries: A systematic review

European Jurnal of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Journal Article

The European Union member states received about 385,000 asylum applications from children and adolescents below 18 years in 2015, and 398,000 in 2016. The latest political crises and war have led to an upsurge in refugee movements into European countries,...

Forfattere: C. Kien, I. Sommer, A. Faustmann, L. Gibson, M. Schneider, E. Krczal, R. Jank, I. Klerings, M. Szelag, B. Kerschner, P. Brattström, G. Gartlehner
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Practitioner review: Assessment and treatment of refugee children and adolescents who have experienced war-related trauma

Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines - Journal Article

Increasingly clinicians are being asked to assess and treat young refugees, who have experienced traumatic events due to war and organised violence. However, evidence-based guidance remains scarce.|Published studies on the mental health difficulties of re...

Forfattere: K. A. Ehntholt, W. Yule
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Post-traumatic stress disorder mistaken for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: Case series and recommendations of care

Psychogeriatrics - Journal Article

In late life, traumas may act cumulatively to exacerbate vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is also a risk factor for cognitive decline. Major neurocognitive disorder (MND) can be associated with worsening of already controlled P...

Forfattere: M. A. Bruneau, P. Desmarais, K. Pokrzywko
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Mental health interventions for traumatized asylum seekers and refugees: What do we know about their efficacy?

International Journal of Social Psychiatry - Journal Article

The prevalence of trauma-related problems among refugees and asylum seekers is extremely high due to adverse experiences associated with forced migration. Although the literature presents a considerable number of guidelines and theoretical frameworks for ...

Forfattere: O. Slobodin, J. T. de Jong
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