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Utilization of mobile mental health services among syrian refugees and other vulnerable arab populations—a systematic review

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - Journal Article

The global refugee crisis is at its most critical state in history; Syria alone has produced 12 million internally displaced persons, with another 5 million refugees seeking protection across the globe. Faced with the heavy burden of mental distress carri...

Forfattere: A. Ashfaq, S. Esmaili, M. Najjar, F. Batool, T. Mukatash, H. A. Al-Ani, P. M. Koga
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Supporting access to healthcare for refugees and migrants in European countries under particular migratory pressure

BMC health services research - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: In 2015 the increased migratory pressure in Europe posed additional challenges for healthcare providers. The aim of this study was to inform the development of a "Resource Package" to support European Union (EU) member states in improving acce...

Forfattere: A. Chiarenza, M. Dauvrin, V. Chiesa, S. Baatout, H. Verrept
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Responding to the health needs of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds-Models of maternity and postpartum care in high-income countries: A systematic scoping review

Health & Social Care in the Community - Journal Article

Pregnant women from migrant and refugee backgrounds living in high-income countries (HIC) are at increased risk of adverse perinatal outcomes compared with women born in the host country. Women from migrant and refugee background have perinatal healthcare...

Forfattere: Helen J. Rogers, Lily Hogan, Dominiek Coates, Caroline S. E. Homer, Amanda Henry
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Service User and Service Provider Perceptions of Enablers and Barriers for Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Women Accessing and Engaging with Perinatal Mental Health Care Services in the WHO European Region: A Scoping Review Protocol

International journal of environmental research and public health - Journal Article

There is a need to understand the specific perinatal mental health care needs of migrant subgroups who often have differing health care needs and specific barriers to accessing and engaging with health care services. It is important to have evidence about...

Forfattere: K. Markey, A. MacFarlane, M. Noonan, M. Moloney, S. Huschke, K. O'Donnell, C. O'Donnell, T. Tuohy, A. H. Mohamed, O. Doody
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Psychological and pharmacological interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbid mental health problems following complex traumatic events: Systematic review and component network meta-analysis

PLoS medicine - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: Complex traumatic events associated with armed conflict, forcible displacement, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence are increasingly prevalent. People exposed to complex traumatic events are at risk of not only posttraumatic stress d...

Forfattere: P. A. Coventry, N. Meader, H. Melton, M. Temple, H. Dale, K. Wright, M. Cloitre, T. Karatzias, J. Bisson, N. P. Roberts, J. V. E. Brown, C. Barbui, R. Churchill, K. Lovell, D. McMillan, S. Gilbody
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Prevalence of sexual violence among refugees: a systematic review

Revista de saude publica - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: To synthesize data about the prevalence of sexual violence (SV) among refugees around the world. METHODS: A systematic review was conducted from the search in seven bibliographic databases. Studies on the prevalence of SV among refugees and asy...

Forfattere: J. O. Araujo, F. M. Souza, R. Proença, M. L. Bastos, A. Trajman, E. Faerstein
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Pregnancy complications among refugee women: a systematic review

Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica - Journal Article

INTRODUCTION: Pregnancy is a time of increased vulnerability for women. Women of refugee background may be further challenged in pregnancy due to a complex series of physical, psychological and social factors. Previous studies show ambiguous results, with...

Forfattere: H. I. Harakow, L. Hvidman, C. Wejse, A. H. Eiset
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Migrations, trauma and mental health: A literature update on psychological assessment

L'Encephale - Journal Article

INTRODUCTION: Migrants and refugees often face potentially traumatic events and post-migratory stressors. Upon arrival in the host country, they can be referred to mental health services to assess the impact of their previous experiences. These cross-cult...

Forfattere: A. E. Brunnet, N. Dos Santos Lobo, T. Silveira, C. H. Kristensen, D. Derivois
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Maternal health care for refugee women - A qualitative review

Midwifery - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: The number of forced migrants increased worldwide, while pregnant refugee women are considered a vulnerable group, concerning their physical and mental health. How do maternal health care professionals manage their maternal health care? The aim...

Forfattere: A. Kasper, L. M. Mohwinkel, A. C. Nowak, P. Kolip
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Facilitators and barriers to accessing mental health care services and social supports among perinatal refugee women: a qualitative systematic review protocol

JBI evidence synthesis - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this qualitative review is to identify, critically appraise, and synthesize evidence describing facilitators and barriers to perinatal refugee women's access to mental health care services and social supports. INTRODUCTION: Per...

Forfattere: J. O'Mahony, S. Kassam, L. Marcellus
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Experiences of nurses caring for maternal immigrant and refugee women: a qualitative systematic review protocol

JBI evidence synthesis - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: This review will focus on studies inquiring into nurses working across diverse health care settings and their experiences of caring for immigrant and refugee women who are pregnant or mothering. Within this review, diverse terminologies used to...

Forfattere: S. Kassam, L. Marcellus, D. Butcher
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Antenatal and perinatal outcomes of refugees in high income countries

Journal of perinatal medicine - Journal Article

Objectives The World Health Organisation (WHO) has highlighted a marked trend for worse pregnancy-related indicators in migrants, such as maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality, poor mental health and suboptimal care. The aim of this study was to d...

Forfattere: S. Sturrock, E. Williams, A. Greenough
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