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Vulnerabilities of Arab refugees in primary health care: a scoping review

Revista de saude publica - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: To map and analyze the vulnerabilities of Arab refugees in the context of primary health care. METHOD: Scoping review in which studies published in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages from 2011 onwards were reviewed. The following databas...

Forfattere: L. P. Lima Junior, K. C. O. Lima, M. R. Bertolozzi, F. O. S. França
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The relationship between employment and health for people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds: A systematic review of quantitative studies

SSM - population health - Journal Article

BACKGROUND: For the general population, the positive effects of paid employment on health and wellbeing are well established. However, less is known for people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds. This review aims to systematically summarise the q...

Forfattere: H. Lai, C. Due, A. Ziersch
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Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: The Prevalence of Mental Illness in Child and Adolescent Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Journal Article

OBJECTIVE: Over half of the world's refugee population are under the age of 18 years. This systematic review aims to summarise the current body of evidence for the prevalence of mental illness in child and adolescent refugee populations. METHOD: Eight ele...

Forfattere: R. Blackmore, K. M. Gray, J. A. Boyle, M. Fazel, S. Ranasinha, G. Fitzgerald, M. Misso, M. Gibson-Helm
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Social Determinant of Mental Health in Immigrants and Refugees: A Systematic Review

Medical journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Journal Article

Background: Refugees are the most vulnerable to mental health problems of all migrant groups. Epidemiological studies measuring the prevalence of mental health disorders in resettled refugee populations have found high rates of psychiatric disorders, incl...

Forfattere: A. Rashki Kemmak, S. Nargesi, N. Saniee
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