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UNRWA's role in promoting health outcomes of Palestinian refugees in Jordan: A systematic literature review

Public health nursing (Boston, Mass.) - Journal Article

INTRODUCTION: The mandate of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency in the Near East (UNRWA) includes education and health services of registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan and other countries. UNRWA is facing limited funding because of unstable po...

Forfattere: H. Alduraidi, A. Abdulla Aqel, Z. Saleh, I. Almansour, M. Darawad
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The Assessment of Grief in Refugees and Post-conflict Survivors: A Narrative Review of Etic and Emic Research

Frontiers in Psychology - Journal Article

Prolonged grief disorder (PGD) is a new mental health disorder that will be recognized by the World Health Organization's disorder classification, the ICD-11, in 2018. Current assessment measures of PGD are largely based on North American and European con...

Forfattere: C. Killikelly, S. Bauer, A. Maercker
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Mental health of newly arrived Burmese refugees in Australia: Contributions of pre-migration and post-migration experience

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry - Journal Article

This study documents the mental health status of people from Burmese refugee backgrounds recently arrived in Australia, then examines the contributions of gender, pre-migration and post-migration factors in predicting mental health.|Structured interviews,...

Forfattere: R. D. Schweitzer, M. Brough, L. Vromans, M. Asic-Kobe
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Health needs of refugee children identified on arrival in reception countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis

BMJ Paediatrics Open - Journal Article

The worldwide number of refugees has considerably increased due to ongoing wars, national instability, political persecution and food insecurity. In Europe, about one-third of all refugees are children, an increasing number of which are travelling alone. ...

Forfattere: A. Baauw, J. Kist-van Holthe, B. Slattery, M. Heymans, M. Chinapaw, H. van Goudoever
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Determining Physical and Mental Health Conditions Present in Older Adult Refugees: A Mini-Review

Gerontology - Journal Article

In 2017, there were over 65 million displaced persons at the global level, with approximately 23 million of these people living as refugees around the world. In this same year, the US resettled 53,716 refugees, with the State of Utah receiving 954 of thos...

Forfattere: C. J. Frost, N. J. Morgan, H. Allkhenfr, S. Dearden, R. Ess, W. F. Albalawi, A. Berri, L. S. Benson, L. H. Gren
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